Becoming a USANA Preferred Customer is very easy and essentially the same process as making a retail purchase but guarantees you access to lower product prices.

As a Preferred Customer you get to enjoy USANA products at preferred prices (10% off retail price).

​There is NO joining fee and NO minimum purchase required. You can buy when you want and as you want.

Once you have placed your first order as a Preferred Customer, you will be given a PC number that you will use to login to your USANA account to make any future orders, also at a discount.

If you plan to be a regular user of the fabulous USANA® products, we recommend that you register as a Preferred Customer and set up an AUTO ORDER. Not only you will enjoy the highest discount, USANA will automatically prepare your order for delivery every 4 or 8 weeks so you’ll always have your products available.

As an added convenience, you may change your auto order as and when you need it. You can easily do this online through your PC account, or a phone call to USANA.

​By being a Preferred Customer on auto order you will benefit from additional (10%) savings. Preferred customers who purchase the USANA products through auto 0rder save 20% off retail prices.

Interested? Follow this link and select “Preferred Customer”